1. Try with chopsticks first! We have training chopsticks available upon request.

2. Sip the broth before digging into your noodles. Allow the steam to waft into your face and savor the smell; feel it run down your spine.

3. Finish all the noodles before they get soggy! Yes, they do get soggy.

4. Never, never share your ramen!

5. Slurp! Do it loud and shamelessly. This act actually aerates the broth and enhances the flavor of the noodles.

6. If you're still hungry after finishing your noodles, ask for more!  Kae-dama means extra noodles.

Once your party is complete, order together (you can pay separately though). We will have a seat prepared to best accommodate your party. If you would like to order more small bites, drinks, or desserts, flag down any server to take your order from your table.

We do not accept reservations at any of our Ramen Tatsu-ya locations.

Yes! Visit our homepage and click on the shop you want to order from.

We have half-portions of our Tonkotsu Original and Ol’ Skool available upon request. They include only broth and noodles. Additional toppings may be added to these half-sized bowls for an additional charge.

You can order an extra half portion of noodles in your ramen when you place your primary order via Toast QR code. If you’re still hungry at the table, flag down any server and they will bring you an extra order right away! Tsukemen noodles will take a few extra minutes to cook due to their thicker gauge.

We’ll take care of all used dishes and glassware for you. No worries!

Tonkotsu (pronounced with long o’s) is a rich and creamy pork bone broth. Our Tonkotsu Original broth is styled after the decadent ramen of Kyushu, Japan. The Tonkotsu Shoyu is this same pork broth seasoned with a special soy sauce blend. The Miso-Hot and Miso-Not pay tribute to the cold weather ramen of Sapporo, which features miso paste, corn, and ground pork.

Tsukemen is a relatively modern preparation of ramen based on condensed pork broth paired with separate noodles and toppings. The noodles are extra thick to stand up to this broth and take a few minutes more to cook than the thinner Tonkotsu noodles. The broth is extra dense in order to coat the noodles.  Dip the noodles and toppings in the broth and slurp it up!

Ol’ Skool Ramen is our take on a lighter-bodied, Tokyo-style chicken broth. This was the original style of ramen brought by Chinese immigrants to Japan at the turn of the century.

We serve a selection of cold tea, mineral water, and soft drinks. Our alcoholic beverages include filtered and unfiltered sake, American and Japanese microbrews (and Kirin!), sake and beer cocktails, and food-friendly wine.

Our house Chili Bomb and Yuzu Kosho Bomb are moderately spicy and pair best with our Ol’ Skool and Vegan broths.  Our fan-favorite Spicy Bomb has a medium-high heat; think of a generous dollop of red chilies. For the bravest spice fiends, our Fire in the Bowl contains Thai chili and habañero and is extremely spicy. All can be ordered at the register or from the table.

Our dear friends Chris and Grace at McCray & Co. We love them!

Our restaurant art was created by our homies in Blue Dozen Collective.