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1. Chopsticks only! (Training chopsticks available on request.)
2. Sip the broth first, before digging into your noodles. Allow the steam to waft into your face and savor the smell; feel it run down your spine.
3. Finish all the noodles before they get soggy!

4. Never share your ramen. Never!

5. Slurp! Do it loudly and shamelessly. This aerates the broth and enhances the flavor of the noodles, similar to wine.
6. Add toppings after sampling the original flavors.
7. If you’re still hungry after finishing your noodles, but have some broth remaining you can request more by saying “Kaedama please!” (Kae-dama meaning: “Extra noodles!”)

How do I order?

Once your party is complete, order together (you can pay separately though) and we will take you to your seats. If you would like to order more small bites, drinks, or desserts, flag down a server from your table to take your order.

Can I make a reservation?

Unfortunately, we do not accept reservations. We are a counter-service restaurant - first-come, first-serve.

Can I order food to go?

We are dine-in only. We serve ramen at the peak of its freshness, with the noodles al dente and broth steaming hot. Ramen is meant to be eaten as soon as possible, so slurp away once you receive your bowl!

How do I order more noodles?

You can order more noodles at the register, or flag down a server and they will ring in an order from the table for you.

Should I leave my dishes at the table when I finish?

We'll take care of all used dishes and glassware for you. No worries!

What is Tonkotsu ramen?

Tonkotsu (pronounced with long o's) is a rich pork bone-based broth. Our Tonkotsu Original broth is Kyushu-style, known for being among the richest in Japan. The Tonkotsu Shoyu is this same broth with a soy sauce blend as seasoning. The Miso-Hot and Miso-Not pay tribute to Sapporo-style ramen, which features miso paste, corn, and ground pork.

What is Tsukemen/dipping ramen?

Tsukemen is a new preparation of ramen based on condensed pork broth paired with separated noodles and toppings. The noodles are extra thick to stand up to this broth and take a few minutes more to cook than the thinner tonkotsu noodles. Dip the noodles and toppings in the separate broth and slurp it up!

What is Ol' Skool Ramen?

Ol' Skool Ramen is our take on a light, Tokyo-style chicken broth.

What kinds of drinks do you serve?

We serve a selection of cold tea, mineral water, and soft drinks. Our alcoholic beverages include filtered and unfiltered sake, American and Japanese microbrews, house-made sake and beer cocktails, and ramen-paired wine.

What are the bombs?

Bombs are a way to personalize your ramen. They served on the side of your ramen so you can tweak your bowls. Chili bomb = mild, Yuzu and Spicy = hot, Fire = wow. The corn bomb is a mix of corn, butter, and honey that sweetens the broth.

Who designed your restaurant interiors?

Our dear friends Chris and Grace McCray at McCray & Co. We love them!

What's the deal with the bathroom/wall art?

Our restaurant art was created by Blue Dozen Collective, heavily featuring our friend Briks.